Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: KitschyVintage

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is KitschyVintage that’s run by Anne.

Anne began collecting as soon as she could walk.  It started with pretty rocks (what kid doesn’t like those?) and toads & salamanders, but quickly graduated to penny machine prizes (remember rat-finks?), trolls and comic books.

She has always loved old things, old stories, family history (her husband calls it ‘ancestor worship’) and the link that vintage and antique things have to the past.

Anne loves to go to flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops and the occasional curb-side.  She’s not above dumpster-diving and should have a bumper sticker that reads ‘I Brake for Other People’s Trash’!  Often the cast-off and forgotten hides a nugget of wonderful-ness that just needs to be found.

One of those great nuggets is this great plastic cheese server with Mouse handle on the top.

Plastic Cheese Server with Mouse Metal Handles Covered Cheese Tray

The cheese server dates to the 1960’s, and it can be found in the KitschyVintage shop here.  Another great item in Anne’s shop is this great Vintage Androck Whipper with a glass jar.

Vintage Androck Whipper in Glass Jar

The Whipper dates from the 1930’s to the 1940’s and would be great for making cream, mayonnaise or even beating eggs.  You can see it in the shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the KitschyVintage shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: mascarajones

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is mascarajones that’s run by Mascara Jones. Mascara Jones is obsessed with the 1970’s and is Insane Collector and Incessant Shopper.

There are a wide variety of items in the mascarajones shop, like this terrific Modernist Lucite Jewelry Vanity Box.

jewelry box

I love the shape of this great vanity box, and it can be seen in their shop here.  Another great item in the mascarajones shop is this funky ring.


I love the combination of the sterling silver and the pearls, and the ring can be seen in their shop here.  As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the mascarajones shop here.

Head on over and check them out!

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: Reconstitutions

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight features the Reconstitutions shop that is run by Shelley.  Shelley lives in the gorgeous state of Kentucky, and runs Reconstitutions with her husband.  Together they choose the wonderful, beautiful and sometimes bizarre items you may find in their shop.

Her love for all things vintage can be attributed to my grandmother, Marleah.  She instilled in Shelley a love and respect of unique antiques and the memories they hold.  When Shelley was little, her grandmother would sit Shelley in front of her china cabinet or jewelry box and tell Shelley wonderful stories about the sparkling things inside. Those memories are some of her greatest treasures.

One of the great treasures in her shop is this nutcracker from the 1970’s.


This nutcracker was made by the DIAMOND company, and it’s billed as the “nutquacker”.  You can see this great item in their shop here.  Another great treasure that they have in their shop is this piece of Samsonite Luggage.


It dates to the 1960’s, and what’s cool about it is that it’s bubblegum pink.  You can see this great item in their shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can see all of the great items in their shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

Let’s Play! ~ Fun Finds Friday

When Summer comes, the grownups go outside to play!  Check out these goodies from the Etsy Vintage Team…

1980s Chanel Scarf
1974 Pittsburgh Pirates Pennant
Vintage Roller Skates
Antique Croquet Set
Tennis Tumblers
On Your Bicycle Book
Sport-themed Cocktail Mixer
Vintage Fishing Lures
Sport-themed Duro Wallpaper Border
Vintage Wasaga Beach Ontario Postcard
boxing glove
Vintage Boxing Glove
Sterling Silver Roller Skate Charm
1940s Motorcycle Helmet

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Summer! ~ Fun Finds Friday

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the United States, bringing thoughts of family vacations in packed cars, picnics, days at the beach, trips to the lake and fun in the sun!  Here are some fun finds for summer from the Etsy Vintage Team…

Atlantic City NJ Souvenir Pennant
1906 Postcard – Woman in Bathing Costume
Well-travelled Leather Suitcase
plastic ware
1940s Plasticware with Box
Redmon Woven Picnic Basket
1940s Cat’s Eye Sunglasses and Case
halter top
Hawaiian Print Halter Top
jute tote
1960s Hemp Beach Bag
Washington State Souvenir Hankie
Sears Aluminum Thermos Set
Golf-themed Vinyl Ice Bucket
1970s License Plate

Happy weekend, everyone!

Different Types Of Depression Glass

Depression glass is a colored glassware that was distributed either free or at a very low cost in the United States and Canada around the time of the Great Depression.

The great thing about Depression glass is that it comes in a wide varieties of both colors and shapes.  They are even very functional, like this green kerosene lamp from the circaonetsy shop:

kerosene lamp circaonetsy

While not in use, you can have this on the corner of your retro desk or on a bookshelf.  You can see the lamp on Etsy here.  Another terrific Depression glass item that would be great to use or display is this black glass serving bowl with an Art Deco design on it.

KitschyVintage bowl

The great thing about it is that it could be used to hold fruit on a kitchen table or even potpourri on a side table.  You can see it in the shop of KitschyVintage here.

As you can tell from the few examples, there are so many different examples of Depression glass on the market today.  You can see all of the great examples that the Etsy Vintage Team has to offer here.

What kinds of Depression glass have you run across?

Green ~ Fun Finds Friday

The word of the day is…green!

green 7
1960s Frog on Leaf Enamel Pin
green 11
Wooden Napkin Rings
green 9
Vintage Scale
green 5
1970s Motorcycle Sticker
green 2
Mid-Century Fish Towel
green 10
Celluloid Leaf Beads
green 6
1970s Avon Jaguar
green 4
Poodle Sewing Basket
green 8
Pots and Pans Dish Towel
green 3
Recycled Circuit Board Clock

Have a happy weekend, everyone!