Reader’s help needed in identifying this mystery Razorback!


Help!  We need some reader’s help with identifying this really cool piece of pottery!

This really cool razorback belongs to Etsy Vintage Team member Kultur (they also have a  shop on Etsy, which can be seen here).

What they need help with is who made this really cool pottery piece.  There is a maker’s mark on the back leg, but they could not find anything about it either in a book or online.  You can see the mark in the photo above, and you can also see the photo on Flikr here.

This looks pretty close to Jaru pottery, McCoy, Bauer, and even Gladding Mcbean, but nothing has turned up to confirm who made this terrific piece of pottery.

If you also know when this great piece was made would also be a terrific help as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: Reconstitutions

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight features the Reconstitutions shop that is run by Shelley.  Shelley lives in the gorgeous state of Kentucky, and runs Reconstitutions with her husband.  Together they choose the wonderful, beautiful and sometimes bizarre items you may find in their shop.

Her love for all things vintage can be attributed to my grandmother, Marleah.  She instilled in Shelley a love and respect of unique antiques and the memories they hold.  When Shelley was little, her grandmother would sit Shelley in front of her china cabinet or jewelry box and tell Shelley wonderful stories about the sparkling things inside. Those memories are some of her greatest treasures.

One of the great treasures in her shop is this nutcracker from the 1970’s.


This nutcracker was made by the DIAMOND company, and it’s billed as the “nutquacker”.  You can see this great item in their shop here.  Another great treasure that they have in their shop is this piece of Samsonite Luggage.


It dates to the 1960’s, and what’s cool about it is that it’s bubblegum pink.  You can see this great item in their shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can see all of the great items in their shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: SterlingDelights

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight features the SterlingDelights shop, which is based in Fraser Valley, Canada.

SterlingDelights is a history enthusiast who loves to learn and share history through objects from decades and centuries past – for vintage items are our history, our stories, and our memories.

Vintage silver holds a special appeal to them as it’s a sort of middle ground – it was a luxury item, yet within the means of most, especially in the postwar prosperity of the 50’s onward.  And that’s what the shop focus on–antique and vintage sterling silver, Victorian and Edwardian eras and even into the 1950’s.

The shop has a wide variety of silver items, like this great Mexican Sterling Silver Bracelet.


The Mexican Sterling Silver Abalone Inlay Panel Bracelet dates to the 1960’s, and can be seen on Etsy here.

Another item that they have is this really cool beer stein doll house piece.


The 800 Silver Miniature German Beer Stein Vintage Dollhouse Piece dates to the 1970’s.  To get a sense of how small it is, you can see the stein sitting on a United States Dime, and you can see the item on Etsy here.

As a matter of fact, you can see all of the great items that SterlingDelights has in their shop here.  They also also on etsy as greenlandturtle, which can be seen here.

Head on over and see all of their great items!

The Moomin Books by Tove Jansson

If you ever want a great book to read with your children, I suggest one from the Moomin Book series by Tove Jansson.  This series is got its start in 1945–there have been nine books, five picture books and a comic strip that has been published.  And it’s a fun book to read for both children and adults.

The Moomins are said to look like unarticulated relatives of the Michelin Man, or bestial cousins to the Pillsbury Doughboy, hippopotamuses, and even albino trolls.  These guys are so popular that they even have their own theme park in Finland.

The Etsy shop (and Etsy Vintage Team member) Pistilbooks has several of the books in their shop, like this copy of Moominsummer Madness.


This copy was published in 1969 by N Y, Henry Z. Walck / Ernest Benn and still has the dust jacket.  You can see this terrific book in their shop here.

Another book that you can find in the Pistilbooks shop is Moominpappa At Sea.


It was published by N Y, Ernest Benn Limited / Henry Z. Walck, Inc. in 1968, and you can see the book here.  As a matter of fact, you can see all of the Moomin books in the Pistilbooks shop here.

You can also see a blog post on the Pistilbooks blog (which is called Pistil Blog) here.

Which of the Moomin books have you read?

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: PECollectibles

This weeks Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight features the PECollectibles shop that is run by Erica.

Erica has enjoyed collecting since she was a little girl, whether it be Care Bears, dolls, or even stickers. Although what she collects has changed over time, her passion for collecting and preserving the past is still strong.

She loves selling vintage because there is always something new to learn, and has a wide variety of items in the shop on Etsy.  One of the items is this terrific silver tone leaf brooch.


The vintage pin would go with a wide variety of outfits, weather it’s casual or dressy.  It can be seen in Erica’s shop here.

Another great item in the PECollectibles shop is this great Tin Type featuring a group of three men.


The Tin Type dates to the 1800’s, and I love the way the men are dressed.  You can see the Tin Type here.  If you love to cook, this Cook Booklet is perfect for you.


It dates to 1942, and is Quick Freezing Birds Eye Brand Advertising (I also like the dog on the cover).  You can see this great item in the PECollectibles shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can see all of the great items that are in the shop here.  Head on over and see all of the great items!

Great last minute gifts for Christmas from the Etsy Vintage Team!

With Christmas coming up pretty fast, you still have time to find a great vintage goodie to put under the tree!

The Etsy Vintage Team has a wide variety of items to choose from for that person who loves to look for anything vintage.  It could be a pottery item like this great hand painted Elephant Creamer Pitcher by Trico Nagota that’s made in Japan.


You can see this terrific creamer here. You can also find items that have free shipping, like this great lamp.


You can see this great 1800’s Amethyst Oil Lamp here.  As a matter of fact, you can see more great items from the team here.

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas!