Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: Snowyowltreasures

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is Snowyowltreasures that’s run by Cheryl.

Cheryl has collected and loved antiques pretty much forever.  After opening her art gallery, Cheryl decided antiques would be perfect to mix it up. While still working with clients for art and framing, Cheryl has moved on to e-commerce (This gives her so much more time to hunt and curate).

One of the items in the Snowyowltreasures shop is this terrific brooch and earrings set.

This is a gorgeous cameo / rhinestone set from Juliana – Delizza & Elster. The pendant converts into a brooch, and it has faux tortoise art glass with a brown cameo surrounded by rhinestones. The earrings are clip on style and feature tortoise glass cabs surrounded by rhinestones (the earrings have no cameos). Included with the set is a larger gold tone chain but it could easily be swapped for a different one (it is not original to the set).

You can see this terrific set in Cheryl’s shop here. Another great item is this pitcher.

This is a wonderful and hefty pitcher from Morton Pottery. The ground is a super pale, buttery yellow with green and light brown accents. It is done in Morton’s “Woodland Glaze”.

You can see this in Cheryl’s shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the Snowyowltreasures shop here.  Head on over and check them out!


A little Lefton Pottery history

George Zoltan Lefton was a Hungarian-born sportswear manufacturer, and he had a big passion for collecting fine porcelain.  From 1945 through 1953, the Lefton pottery company was importing many things from postwar Japan including (but not limited to) head vases, figurines, cookie jars, and salt and pepper shakers.

These items are marked “Made In Occupied Japan,” and the figures even sport a red and gold paper label that read “Lefton’s Exclusives Japan.”

Lefton contracted pottery companies around the world to produce ceramic items for Lefton.  These items are just as diverse as what they imported.

One such item is this terrific collector plate.

This great plate is to help celebrate a 25th anniversary, and it also has a silver motif on it. Another item that shows how diverse Lefton is this great nappy.

This is a pleasant suprise to me when it comes to being a nappy–every time I see a nappy, I think that it has a floral motif on it. Not only does this have that, it also has a Victorian scene in the middle.

This is small variety of the pieces that are out there for Lefton. What have you run across?

What exactly is opalescent glass?

It doesn’t matter exactly where you are shopping for antiques and collectibles, you will run across a type of glassware called Opalescent glass. What is it exactly?

Opalescent glass is a general term for either a clear or colored glass that has a milky white, opaque or even a translucent effect to a portion of a glass piece.  It could be limited to just the rim of the piece, but you will also see it on the body of the item.

Lalique, Sabino, Jobling (this is from England) and even Fenton are all well known for their opalescent glass production.  This type of glass has also been produced in various other countries like Italy and Czechoslovakia.

One way of creating this glassware is the slow cooling of the thicker areas of the glass.  This results in what’s called crystallization, which is the formation of the milky white layer.  Another method is used in hand blown glass.  When hand blowing the glass, you use two layers of glass—the outer layer will contain chemicals that react to heat to cause the opalescence.

Another way to create Opalescent glass is to reheat certain areas of a piece and apply chemicals to the glass.  When you reheat the piece, the chemicals you use will create the opalescence (the chemicals are heat sensitive).

Over the years, there have been quite a few different colors that have been made that sport this type of effect.  Here are some of the colors that you will run across:

Amber Opalescent

French Opalescent

Pink Opalescent

Blue Opalescent

This is just a few of the colors that have been made.  What colors have you run across?

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: MyHeirloomEssentials

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is MyHeirloomEssentials that’s based in Elizabethtown,Kentucky.

MyHeirloomEssentials retired from their full-time job as a registered nurse a few years ago wasn’t sure what wanted to do.  But as time passed, the path to Etsy became clear.  How so, you wonder?  Their husband is a ‘picker’ and has been for more than 13 years. As he continues to find treasures, he is constantly looks for ways to disperse them!  On the good side, they have some beautiful and unusual things come their way.

One such item is this terrific Lord Nelson Pottery Beer Stein Mug.

The mug features a carefree drunk on front dancing with street light with verse ” Thro’ pleasures and pubs we may roam. There’ll come a reckoning when we get home”. Back of stein has image of wife with rolling pin in hand as hubby walks through the door.

You can see this in the MyHeirloomEssentials shop here.  Another great item in their shop is pair of belt buckles.

One belt buckle features a Fleur-de-lis in blue rhinestones while the other has a cross in pink (or even raspberry) stones.  You can see these on Etsy here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the MyHeirloomEssentials shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

What are some different types of glassware that you might run across?

I am always amazed by the different colors, shapes and patterns that I run across on glassware—you never know what you will see.  Here are some of the types of glassware thatyou might run across when you are out shopping:

Milk glass—this is an opaque milk white colored glass that can be blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  There have been several different colors of this type of glass made over the years—this includes blue, pink, yellow, brown,black, and the white that led to its name.

Slag glass—this is a collectors’ name for an opaque pressed glass that has colored streaks in it.  The streaks are usually white or even a cream color.  One way to achieve these colors is to add pulverized silicate slag from iron smelting works to the glass.

Cased glass—this is a type of glass that consists of two or more fused layers of different colors.  This type of glass is often decorated by cutting away glass so that the inner layers show through.

This is just a handful of what you might run across.  What types of glassware have you run across?

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: AllTheRageRetro

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is AllTheRageRetro.

The people that run AllTheRageRetro absolutely LOVES vintage items. They are basically a collector at heart, but they have to sell items to support their habit.

They have a huge collection of Watt pottery and old stoneware mixing bowls.  It’s funny since they really don’t care to cook or bake!  They also love pretty porcelain (especially English, Japanese, German).  Hand painted items, 70’s and 80’s kitsch, and even barware (they worked their way through college as a bartender) find a home withAllTheRageRetro.

One item that they have in their shop is this terrific teapot with stainless lid and infuser.

The individual teapot has a terrific pastel yellow color and can be found in their shop here.  Another terrific item in the AllTheRageRetro shop is this figural match holder.

The match holder sports a pig on it, and it has been marked MADE IN GERMANY on the bottom.  The 1920’s match holder can be seen in their shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the AllTheRageRetro shop here.  Head on over and check them out!