Shipping practices as an online seller

Over the years, I’ve bought quite a few items on Etsy and on other selling sites. The sellers have quite a few different policies on shipping. It could be shipping the same day you buy it, and I have seen sellers take what they sell to the post office only once a week.

So here’s my question: what’s the best policy to have when it comes to shipping? Is it one trip to the post office a day or even once a week?

Bill and Kerry Atkins from the BatnKatArtifacts shop say they used to ship in 3-5 business days and make bi-weekly trips to the post office, which is 12 miles away. About a year ago, they changed their policy to ship within 1-2 business days. At the same time, they started scheduling free package pickups with USPS during regular delivery. Best decision ever! Not only has this their boosted sales, but it has also reduced their stress level tremendously. Customers love the fast turnaround as well.

The stonebridgeworks shop says that they’re on a rural route but we’re very close to town. They can get a fairly large package in their big mailbox or take it to the Post Office if they are going that way.  They try to ship on the same day so having boxes ready is important. They often use USPS flat-rate or their 7×7 and 12×12 shipping boxes. You can order all of these in bulk online and that saves time and hassle.

When I sell an item through the Wisdom Lane Antiques shop (either here on Etsy or other sites), I try to ship it within a day so that it can get to the buyer as fast as possible (even if it means handing it to the post man when he drops off my mail).

You can also see more shipping practices from more Etsy Vintage Team members here.  What works for you when you sell an item online?


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