What are some good shipping practices as an online seller?

Over the years, I’ve bought quite a few items on Etsy and on other selling sites. The sellers have quite a few different policies on shipping. It could be shipping the same day you buy it, and I have seen sellers take what they sell to the post office only once a week.

So here’s my question: what’s the best policy to have when it comes to shipping? Is it one trip to the post office a day or even once a week?

The merrysunshine shop always tries to ship the next day, even though their policy reads 1-3 days. (Every once in awhile something comes up and they don’t get it out the next day so they don’t want to be dinged for not adhering to their policy.)

They are very lucky to live about 4 blocks from our post office, so next day isn’t a problem for the shop.  They do not like to wait when they purchase an item and once a week shippers are usually passed by in favor of faster shippers.

The RattyAndCatty shop has a shipping policy is 3-5 days, but they usually ship next day. Having the option to take up to 5 days came in really handy this past winter when both of the people that run the shop came down with the flu and could hardly drag themselves out of bed.

For them, setting our buyers expectation at 3-5 day for shipping, then over performing by getting the package out quickly, the buyer is usually happily surprised with it arrives so quickly.

Amy and Sean of the Pistilbooks shop ship twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays.  Their default shipping is Media Mail, which most buyers of books are used to and is not super fast, so immediate shipping is usually not expected from our buyers.  They have had customers ask for quicker methods occasionally – usually for a gift – and they can make other arrangements for priority or even overnight if requested.

What works for you when you sell an item online?


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