Great Photography Tips For The New Seller

When I first began to sell items online several years ago, I quickly learned two lessons that helped me sell an item.  The first was pretty obvious:  a clear picture can go a very, very long way.

It can actually act as a second description for the item.  Not only that, you can reference the picture for to see what that seller is talking about in the description that they wrote.

The second thing that I found out, I actually stumbled into.  What is in the background of the photo can say as much as what’s in the foreground.  Having a simple background can also actually be helpful–it can show off the piece (and even the colors of the piece for that matter) and even show if there’s any flaws in it.



Two items that I use a ton is a piece of construction paper and even a side table that I use for decoration in a front hallway (which can be seen above).  I have several colors of construction paper, and I have even used the brick flooring in several pictures as well (which can also be seen in the pictures above).

Another item that I use is the weathered back deck of my house–the amount of backdrops that you can use is countless.

So, taking a moment to set up a good picture can help you out, and it can cost you very little to nothing.  What kinds of backdrops have you used?


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