A little history for the Goudey Baseball cards from 1933

When 1919 rolled around, Enos Gordon Goudey started a chewing gum company called The Goudey Gum Company.  The company was in business until 1962, and they are known for chewing gum and the baseball cards that they produced.

The company and its gum was so popular that Enos Goudey was called “the penny gum king of America” by William Wrigley Jr. in 1933.

In 1933, the company dove into making baseball cards, and they released a 240-card set.  The set was also called BIG LEAGUE CHEWING GUM, and each pack that was sold came with a stick of gum.

After the set was released, the Goudey Company realized that they did not have a card #106 after collectors sent the company letters complaining that there was no card for that number.

In 1934, Goudey released a card #106, and it featured the retired player Napoleon Lajoie.  In order to get this card, you had to write to the company (they would send you one for a cent).



As you can tell from the photos, the cards had the name of the set at the bottom of the front and a little biography of the player on the back.

You need to be careful when you are out looking for cards for your set.  Since this is a popular set to collect, there are quite a few reprints and fakes of the cards—especially of Napoleon Lajoie, Babe Ruth (Babe was featured on 4 different cards) and even Lou Gehrig just to name a few.

There are many players that are in this set that have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, so a word of caution is to be taken when you are looking at a card.

Which cards have you run across?



Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: HattieHazelVintage

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is HattieHazelVintage that’s run by Deb.

All of this started in 2009 with Vintage Gypsies on Etsy and grew from there. While the name honors her Grandmother and Great Aunt of whom she has such fond memories, this one’s for her Mom.  She would have loved this.

Finding old stuff is her passion and is lucky to have a little business that she can do with some of her best friends…they all have vintage businesses and get together to go picking, selling, researching, and do a lot of laughing.

One of the great finds that you can see in the HattieHazelVintage shop is this great state scarf.


This 1940’s silk scarf features the state of California, and you can see it here.  Another item you can find in Deb’s shop is this pitcher.


This rare silver plate Modern MCM Gorham pitcher dates to 1955, and it is marked as design YC888 and is 3 3/4 pint.  You can find it in the HattieHazelVintage shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the HattieHazelVintage shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: UpbeatVintage

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is UpbeatVintage that’s run by Dan Jacobs.

Dan is passionate about finding (and restoring) unusual & functional pieces from the past.  He especially loves vintage advertising and anything made out of wood & metal, preferably both together: knives, straight razors, meat cleavers, military pins, tools, pulleys, silver coins, brass figurines, lighters…the list goes on and on.

One such advertising piece that’s in the UpbeatVintage shop is this great tip tray.


The tip tray is advertising Miller Beer, and it dates to the 1950’s.  The great thing about the tray is that it has one of the most recognizable advertisements on it–the Miller High Life Girl in the Moon.

You can see this tip tray here.  Another great item in the UpbeatVintage shop is this terrific pocket knife.


The Barlow Knife dates to the 1960’s, and it was made by STAG (which is based in Ireland).  You can see the pocket knife in the UpbeatVintage shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the UpbeatVintage shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

A cross between a cigar humidor and a…FURNACE?!?

There are times when you actually stop and scratch your head when you run across an item, and this is definitely one of those times.  Have you ever seen a cross between a cigar humidor and a furnace?

Yep, you saw that right—this piece is a cross between a cigar humidor and a furnace.



This enamelware piece is made as a cigar humidor and is decorated as a furnace.  You could also say that this is a great salesman’s sample for LISLET FURNACE (the company that made the furnaces was based in Quebec, Canada).



The great thing about this item is the fact that you could use it a number of different ways—as a pencil holder, change holder, or even a container for the kitchen.  The uses can go on and on!

You can see the cigar humidor in the Etsy shop of Wisdom Lane Antiques here.  Head on over and check it out!

Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight: ModGirlVintage

This week’s Etsy Vintage Team Store Highlight is ModGirlVintage that’s based in Oklahoma City, OK.

At ModGirlVintage, they sell vintage jewelry, vintage home goods and vintage clothing.  They also have a few vintage upcycIed pieces for sale that they have created out of some of their vintage jewelry.

Some of their vintage finds include this great silver bracelet.


The bracelet was made by CORO and dates to the 1960’s, and I love the striped motif on it.  You can see it in their shop here.

Another great item in their shop is this great pair of upcycled hair pins.


The hair pins have a great brass color and would look great with just about any outfit.  You can see it in the ModGirlVintage shop here.

As a matter of fact, you can check out everything in the ModGirlVintage shop here.  Head on over and check them out!

What are some of the vintage serving pieces that I may not find on today’s table?

Over the years, there are new types of serving dishes that are introduced, and then there are times when a certain piece from a dinner set for the table that may fall out of favor.  What are some of the pieces that have fallen out of favor over the years that may not be on the table of today?

Cheese dish—this is a covered dish meant to store and serve a whole piece of cheese.  The bottom of this piece is a little larger than a butter dish, and you may see a small cutting board in the place of this today.

Cream soup dish—this is a two-handled bowl that comes with its own saucer and is meant to serve bouillon, a soup or even consommé (a clear soup made from a rich stock).  This type of dish could be confused with a sugar dish without the lid.

Aspic servers—these are used to serve aspic, which is a clear jelly that is made from broth. Generally, aspic is used to accent the serving of meat, and it is a lot like cranberry sauce. The aspic server has a curved and sharp end for the cutting and serving of aspic.

This is only a small sampling of what you can find.  What have you run across?